25 April 2005

I'm Spitting Mad

There was a devastating commutor-train wreck in Japan early this morning. Apparently there are still people trapped, but are able to receive water. Over 50 are dead and nearly 450 injured. This all happened beacuse a 23-year-old conductor was delayed at an earlier stop and was speeding to keep schedule.

These are the kinds of things I wish could be avoided.

To sports: Auburn University had a good showing in this years NFL draft. The San Antonio Spurs had a good collapse last night. Arsenal and Manchester United will be facing eachother on the pitch on May 21 for the FA Cup Championship. I will be watching live from a comfortable couch in a house in Belfast.

More Sport: I am running a 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, Apr. 30. For those who don't know that is exactly 13.1 miles. You might want to have a good look at my ankles before then because they will be gone after about 9:30am (CST) on Saturday.


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