18 May 2010

Devil or Angel

I may be alone in thinking this, but it seems odd that the age-old debate about the potential risk of brain cancer with frequent cell phone use is still going on in the tech and scientific communities. What's worse is that organizations - the U.N. in particular - are spending $24 million to continue the studies. What's even worse is the results are the exact same as they were a decade ago: "inconclusive."

Could the U.N.'s money be better spent elsewhere? Definitely. Will it make a difference in people's mobile device usage if results even came back as conclusive? Probably not.


'Devil or Angel' is a wonderful song by famed Doo Wopp group, The Clovers.


At 8:02 AM, May 19, 2010 , Anonymous Ryan said...

The genre 'Doo Wop' seems to be a reoccuring theme in my life right now. It's inevitably going to end up in our songs. 50's ether.


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