27 April 2005


There is this show on VH1 called "The Best Week Ever." And every week they do a piece called Upgrade/Downgrade where they talk about anything and everything and give it a thumbs up or down.

Currently there is a Snoop Dogg single out which features the talents (see: popularity) of Justine Timberlake. Now, for Justin I believe this is a major upgrade. He is working with someone who hasn't been in a boy band and who has probably shot several people in his life. This move gets him major street cred.

However, for Mr. Dogg, this appears to be a major laps in judgement on his part. Working with a bubble gum pop king is no upgrade. It's a huge downgrade. It completely strips him of any street cred, tough-guy persona he had. He might as well start learning the "step/slide" and change his lyrics to "oh, baby, you tha one who makes me and you tha one who breaks me" and singing it in the most rediculous high-pitched voice.


I hate Shaq! Everything about him completely pisses me off. He puts up points, there's no doubt, but those points he puts up are of the highest percentage on the entire court. And with him nearly a foot taller than most other NBA players this is not a major accomplishment. It's the same if I were to take on 8th graders on an 8.5 ft. goal and I only dunked the ball. Needless to say, if the Heat win the NBA championship, I will be disgusted.

A-rod. Three homeruns in one game, including a grand slam. He was one homerun away from hitting the homerun cycle. The last person to do that was Mark Whitten of the St. Louis Cardinals. Cheers to A-rod for doing it (even if all three shots were off the same pitcher)


The Ridley Scott film "Kingdom of Heaven" comes out in just over a week. This movie is a fictional portrayal of the Crusades. The movie looks to be beautiful and carrys great talent with it, including Liam Neisson. Many "Critics" have deemed this film 'dangerous' and declare that it should be banned at this time, because it has an anti-muslim theme. Well, I'm sorry my friends...the Crusades were anti-muslim. They were the most anti-muslim events in history. The entire point of the crusades was to rid the world of muslims. These critics are idiots to say that we should ban a movie that contains important historical content. I'm sure if a movie comes out about the Civil Rights movement, these same critics will say that it should be banned because it's theme is anti-black.
--It's History.......It's Important--


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