07 May 2007

Enter in with greatness

France is entering into a new political era with the election of new president Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy, a right-winger, has promised to strengthen France's stance on immigration and is even a little keen on the United States. Hey maybe France can be an asset to the world after all.

On a different note I watched a documentary a few weeks ago titled "Who Killed the Electric Car?" This was not the most exciting, but certainly one of the most eye-opening documentaries I've watched in a long time. You can view the preview HERE
I won't add any personal commentary, as I'm sure you all are capable of making up your own mind on this matter, but I will say that SUVs and, especially Hummers are the most ridiculous vehicles on the road today.

Now, on a similar note, I was lucky enough to have seen the hilarious documentary Air Guitar Nation this weekend. This is a movie worth watching. With character's named Bjorn Turoque (Byorn To Rock) you can't go wrong.


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