02 May 2007

You said you want to die

Apparently Al Sharpton has taken it upon himself to make a march and encourage clean lyrics in hip-hop songs. The march, dubbed "March for Decency," is a protest this Thursday (May 3) in New York City aimed at forcing music labels to censor the use of the words "bitch," "ho," and "n*gger" in rap music, according to Spin.com

Needless to say I am not the biggest fan of Sharpton. See a few posts back to cite one of the many reasons why.

In weird "music"(?) news Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and his management for the band have decided to open a swanky hipster bar in Manhattan's East Village. The new emo bar is called Angels and Kings and I'm assuming will certainly cater to the skinny jeaned, flat-ironed, eye-linered, emo crowd who will probably spend their evenings there sipping whiskey sours and listening to the House DJ spin the latest from VHS or Beta and Ratatat.

In other music, 50% of the Postal Service, Jimmy Tamborello, is releasing his newest release under his DNTEL project name. The Sup Pop release features Conor Oberst and members of Grizzly Bear. It makes for an ok listen.


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