05 October 2007


THIS is absolutely outrageous. A woman was taken to court for illegally sharing music. Not only did the court rule against her, but she is ordered to pay a fine of $220,000 in damages to be split among different record labels.

Not only is that fine completely asinine, but the fact that the loss of revenue on the labels' end would not even closely resemble that figure.

I speak from very very mild experience in the music industry, but it's the old principle of do to all what you do to one. Or don't do it at all. If this is the case for this one woman, then our justice system needs to seek out other like offenders and fine them as well.

But, this whole thing reeks of record labels suffering financially and trying to prove a point.

Here's a tip for record labels: spend less money comping vodka tonics at expensive bars and add those dollars (which add up in the thousands) to your freaking marketing budget so people know about you.


At 1:11 PM, October 08, 2007 , Blogger Phillip said...

Oh, how I love The Copeland. Oh, how I love thee....


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