23 October 2008

I was holding on to you

It's officially fall/autumn/thebestseasonever. And with fall comes a plethora of great, new television. Included in the line-up starting tonight is the new season of 30 Rock. If you happen to miss it tonight, you can check it out on Hulu.com.

In the midst of what's turning out to be a circus of a political season, it's nice to sit back and absorb the genius writing of Tina Fey and the brilliant acting performance of Alec Baldwin and Tracey Morgan.

It's quite possibly the perfect comedy series these days. The script is perfectly intertwined, the roles of each character are cast perfectly and, honestly, any time Will Arnet holds a regular role on a show you must have pure gold (which I hear that gold is worth a lot right now with tanking economies. Oh, that'll be another post).

The Office is also on tonight as the 5th season continues. It's been pretty hilarious so far. Personally, I could go for less of the Jim/Pam romantic to-do. Maybe that's why I'm not a writer for the show.


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