05 January 2009

Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

I promise that if you enjoy great movies that you will want to invest the time to watch Lars and the Real Girl. It stars Ryan Gosling as Lars, a simple man living and working in a nondescript Midwestern town. Having lived a mostly introverted life, Lars welcomes Bianca, a perfectly-designed, mail-order "female companion," into his quiet life.

After a local doctor diagnoses Lars as delusional, his brother, friends and co-workers simply have to go along with appeasing Lars and his belief that Bianca is his real-life girlfriend.

The movie is shot with each scene seeming as though it's a perfectly framed photograph and Gosling's performance as Lars is really amazing. The music is also pretty awesome. All around, I found nothing negative to think about this film.


At 3:36 PM, January 07, 2009 , Blogger Jarrod said...

We too liked this one.
Had a can't go wrong cast...
Paul Schneider is scrumptious


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