08 September 2009

One More Time.

Made to Love from Come&Live! on Vimeo.

I'm extremely excited to announce the official launch of Come & Live. This is an organization (some might call it a record label) that strives to work with artists whose hearts are inspired to serve. To serve God and others. And to share every penny of profit with those in need and with organizations whose heart is to serve those in need.

The kicker? The music is ours for the taking. Actually, sharing music as a gift, is one of the tenants of C&L and one that can essentially turn the standard music (as a) business model on its head.

Head to the website and download I Am Living: Vol 1. You may find something you like and it is totally free. But let's be honest with ourselves... We probably wouldn't have paid for it anyway, right? I mean, who pays for music these days?

Exactly why Come & Live is brilliant.


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