02 July 2009

Say Goodbye, Good

I needed to wait a little while before posting something about Michael. In all honesty, his death was a tough pill to swallow. Sure, in the last decade, we knew that he'd lost his mind, but that does not erase the impact that this man had on the entertainment world. Whether in singing, dancing or purely performing, he was undoubtedly one of - if not - THE best there was.

M.J. had an effect on everyone. Everyone! From punk rockers to metal heads (even the mighty axe-shredder, Slash, worked with Jackson) to disco queens to...well...everyone. And I would dare anyone to openly admit that at one point or another in their life they didn't want to put on a diamond-studded glove and moonwalk.

He influenced so many including myself and I hope that through his music we can continue to celebrate how great of an impact he had on this world.


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