09 June 2009

When All The Trees Have Lied

There have been many films recently that have impacted me in serious ways. A few that come to mind are Last of the Mohicans, Glory, Saving Private Ryan and Beaches (ok, maybe not that last one. Although, it may choke you up).

The film, Bella, is a film that hit me like a ton of bricks. Coming from a family that kept, supported and (in some cases) partial raised foster babies that were born of mothers who were initially considering abortion, this film hit a nerve close to my heart.

Although fictional, the story is presented in a way that involves you in the lives of the two main characters as though it were real. The main character, José, is a man tortured by his past, but who possesses a soul and a passion that any sane man or woman would long for. A passion that will inspire you and give you more than a glimmer of hope in the capacity of the human heart.

Watch this film and let's chat. I'd love to hear others' feedback.


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