19 May 2009

You Wear That Dress Like a Dagger

I must admit, there's no real point in writing about Lost with the exception that it's one of the most brilliant TV series ever written.

Now, I never claim to fully understand this clever plot, but it makes investing in a TV series much more worthwhile when nearly everything has significance. It's not like the show Family Matters where Steve Urkel is the only thing that matters and the rest of the Winslow family is hidden by Steve's scene-stealing, "Did I doooo that?"

No, everything in Lost means something and something very important. From the color of the rocks to the relationship between (or among) everyone and a draw to a physical (yet hidden) location. This is very, very amazing.

I will admit that listening to people having a conversation about the show (myself included) sounds like people have lost their mind. But I think that this actually lends itself the creative genius of the writing.

Anyway, this is not to dissect the last season or even say how amazing/cliff-hanger-y the finale was. It's to say that if you haven't started on the Lost train yet, hop aboard, pal. Rent, buy, borrow the DVDs (or blue rays....nerd). Half.com has them cheap, but I bet your friend or neighbor has them to loan for free.


At 5:09 PM, May 20, 2009 , Blogger Kevin Wilder said...

This is real weird. I wrote a blog post for tomorrow that references Family Matters too. However, all traces of Waldo Gerlado Faldo are absent.

At 5:06 PM, May 22, 2009 , Blogger Patrick Copeland said...

You should still do it (if you haven't already). Waldo was a critical member of the old fashion sitcom cast and deserves the proper recognition.

Waldo was way better than Cody from Step by Step and DJ Tanner's stupid jock/motorbike-ridin' boyfriend in Full House.


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