26 April 2009

You Are Not Permitted To Leave

The film Hunger is unreal. Under the bold direction of the British Steve McQueen, the films takes you through life in a Belfast prison in 1981 and follows the prisoners' protests for the IRA to be heard by the British government.

The use of still life and camera movement told the story as there is very little dialogue. That is, until mid-film when a nearly 20 minute conversation take place between the film's centerpiece and IRA legend, Bobby Sand, and his fellow IRA priest. The conversation stands out not only in the length of the dialogue, but the fact that the camera never breaks shot, leaving these two men to have a memorably passionate conversation about Sand's decision to lead a hunger strike among prisoners.

There's much that can be said about this film, but it would sound a bit like gibberish to hear it. It's definitely worth watching and is a film, while hard to watch at points, is very easy to appreciate.


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