24 April 2009

And we go

I had been hearing about One for some time and I would see it around and never really dig into it. Well, I decided to dig a little deeper and I found an amazing organization with an awesomely ambitious. They are doing so many amazing things to pursue justice, health and provisions for truly everyone in the world.

They're also encouraging a petition be signed to persuade the IMF (yes, that dirty giant) to use the revenue from gold sales to create as much funding as possible for developing countries and ensure that this doesn’t create new debts or have harmful conditions attached. The petition can be signed here and I really do encourage you to have a look. I used to not really give a crap about petitions until a year or two ago, when I saw them starting to work. I saw that voices and signatures en masse can truly open peoples' eyes to the fact that people actually care about issues.

So, please check out the site and sign that petition. And let's talk a little more about what we can do to help out.


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