19 April 2009

Shot Fired

Everlasting Moments. It's Swedish. It's set in the first couple of decades on the 20th Century. And it's awesome.

The film follows an ever-growing family with an alcoholic and abrasive father and a mother simply seeking solace in seeing a beautiful world. After finding a camera, Maria begins taking beautiful photographs much to the opposition of her husband.

Despite his calls for her to cease taking photos, Maria continues taking wonderful photos and even uses the art to help support her family.

The film is wonderfully shot. The use of lighting is really amazing. And since much of the film is set in a pre-electricity world, the use of natural light is fantastic. The story is intense and will fully, emotionally attach you to the story and to the family. This one is worth seeing. It may never end up in anyone's DVD (BlueRay?) library, as it requires an immense investment - both in time and emotion - to view the film. But, nonetheless, it's worth it.


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