16 April 2009

Napalm Love

The Gnome. Weird, right? I think it's weird, but it's also mythical, mystical and awesome. My new gnome, Peter, is about to take habitat in our new backyard garden. And I think it's appropriate that everyone know a little more about the gnome.

A gnome is a mythical creature characterized by its extremely small size and subterranean lifestyle. Some view or deem them as a type of fairy, but nonetheless, they are supposed to be a companion of good luck and earthly prosperity. Well, in the sense that you are to have good earth. And in most American's case, a nice flower bed.

Many in Iceland refer to the gnomes - as well as the fairies and trolls - as the hidden people. Kind of weird, but understandable. The Icelandic also believe that the dwelling place of the trolls/gnomes and fairies is under rocks and hold to the truth that rocks and formations of rocks should not be moved as to never disturb the ones that bring you good fortune.

Me...I'll just keep Peter looking out so that my new rose bushes and box hedges don't get too dry.


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