09 April 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

Bullet Points:

* Somali Pirates took over US ship Maersk Alabama on a route to deliver food aid to Kenya. The Captain of the ship is held. The NAVY is involved. It's not cool, but sounds like a cool movie.

* Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was tragically killed in a hit and run accident. This happened after Adenhart pitched six, no-hit innings. A tragedy, indeed.

* Obama is spending more in Iraq. Increasing troop presence in Iraq. Sound like change?

* The Masters is on. It's nice to see the likes of Arnie Palmer and Greg Norman around. Legends. That's what it's all about.

* Kim Jong-Il takes another term in North Korea. Un-opposed, of course. He's a crazy little man. Much like this man.

Wow....I'm like a virtual news feed. Or an actual news feed. But these are some items that I'm very interested in. Let's talk about them.


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