02 April 2009

Such is the way of the world

There's been a long strand of pretty heavy and often-times dark films and documentaries that I've viewed recently. Not sure if I'm glutton for feeling deep and intense after watching films, but that's what I've been drawn to. All that to say that it was really refreshing to head to Nashville's wonderful Belcourt Theater to see The Amazing Buck Howard.

It's a no-frills kind of film with a great performance by John Malkovich and a great balance in character with Colin Hanks role as Buck Howard's road manager. And I'll be danged if Colin Hanks is not the spitting image of his father (Tom Hanks, just in case).

The film walks the viewer through Buck Howard's return to the stage as a mentalist/comedian/illusionist. Finding his way through towns like Bakersfield, CA and Wassau, WI, Buck gets right into his element every night and wows the crowds of mid-70s, overweight simpletons.

It's funny, quirky and, to be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I was just simple to enjoy. So check it out, won't you?


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