08 March 2009

You Have Been Given Much.

Finally some people are making some damn sense. It just so happens that it's a guy from Alabama and Sen. John McCain.

Actually, Sen. Shelby (R. AL) has opposed any government intervention in free market practices since this time last year. He opposed it when Bush put it on the table and is finally (and very bluntly) saying, "Let them fail."

It's just that no one really trusts GOP voices these days and those people will be part of the reason that the value of the US Dollar will drop 25% in two years. If certain banks fail, however, we'd see an equally tough recession, but would have a few less bad decision makers around. Then, and only then, would we have something resembling stability. But, by keeping them around we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Their oh-so-publicly-well-received bonus cuts just won't be enough.

I've never been on the gold bandwagon, but it might make sense if our paper dollar holds as much worth as Angel Soft toilet tissue.


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