09 February 2009

On The Picket Fence

As I sit here and watch the Presidential News Conference, which is on every channel except HGTV right now, I can't help but realize how much hasn't changed in the white house. I see a man whom I was rooting for. I wanted him to be a successful President, but right now I see someone talking in circles, riding the fence and dancing around questions. Case in point, he just tippy-toed around a CNN reporter's question about media transparency in Afghanistan by talking about September 11th and terrorist attacks.

He's pushing so hard and working to drum up support from so many to push this "vital" stimulus through congress. My take? If this was, indeed, the correct and best decision, then, Mr President, you would not have to work to gain support. If this was the right decision, the support would be behind you fully and immediately. It should absolutely raise a few red flags by the sheer amount of resistance to say, "hey, this *could* be wrong."

But what do I know?

I would like to tip my hat to Obama for his passing of legislature to help pay for uninsured children's coverage via the collection of tobacco taxes. Beautiful.

Now, back to the conference. It was funny to see a Fox News reporter bring a little heat on Obama, only to be followed up by a Washington Post reporter who simply asked how our President felt about Alex Rodriguez's admission of steroid use in Major League Baseball. How timely was that?

And I know I sound all Bah Humbug about Obama right now, but I'm still hopeful. Only hopeful with a large dose of doubt.


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