21 January 2009

Alex Took Over For Alex Van Halen

Yesterday's inauguration was most definitely an historic and impressive event. And it better be impressive for an event that cost an estimated $170 million! I think I even heard that the stage built around the facade of the Capital building cost approximately $5 million! And if you're keeping score, that's two exclamation points in this post. The often times feared exclamation point is a punctuation mark that I very rarely use so to have it twice in one post show my truest shock.

Anyway, it really was great to watch. I kept trying to think of times when I was a kid when there wasn't even a hope of a black president (no, Alan Keyes didn't even get close). So the magnitude of it all was cool.

But I began to think about the task ahead of Obama. Yes, he has millions of people supporting him. And it's true that many are supporting him solely because of his race, but nevertheless he has the support. The fact of the matter is, however, that we are welcoming a President into the rule of a nearly bankrupt country which is supported by many major decision makers who are doing nothing more than winging it.

Check out this article for why we need to look upon Obama's new role with some much-warranted skepticism.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm pulling for the guy. I truly hope that he can do every thing needed to turn this mess or a nation around. But we all have to realize that even though Obama may stand before us with much integrity, there are the hundreds standing behind him with richly lined pockets and more selfish interests than those of the interests of the people of this nation.


At 2:15 PM, January 23, 2009 , Blogger I am but one small instrument. said...

Looks like the press that try to bring accountability are already being denied:
I like the excuse "We would have had to get a bigger room." After a $170 million dollar inauguration, they can't find a big enough room to accommodate members of the press to document Obama's do-over swearing in? Kinda sketchy.


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