11 January 2009

My Glove Compartment is Locked

This post is going to be a bit of a two-part post. We'll call it The Good & The Bad. So let's talk about the good. Hammock. Now, everyone knows that I'm a sucker for well-composed, ambient music. And I may or may not listen to Hammock all the time. Their latest effort, Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow, is nothing short of wildly impressive. Pulling strengths from their previous two efforts, this record will certainly keep you floating while making you think of the airports that Brian Eno wrote music for.

It's perfectly structured just enough to lack that rigid structure that makes ambient music so amiable. With layers upon layers of instrumentation, the depth created by these guys is really second to none. And if you don't trust me, you should know that Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros recently asked the guys from Hammock to perform at one of his few art openings in the US for his Riceboy Sleeps art project and community. Riceboy Sleeps even took it upon themselves to create all of the artwork for the record. A nice tip of the hat, to be sure.

Check it out if you can. It's worth your time to really absorb this and any other record Hammock has created.


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