11 January 2009

I Got Beef With Radio

Now on to the bad. Or as I call them, The Killers. Their newest album, Day & Age, is simply bad. Not horrendous, but compared to some of their previous tunes, which were pretty good, this compilation of 10 songs is weak, forced and at most times awkward.

Even the music video for their single, Human, is really weird and makes no sense whatsoever.

The songwriting is simply not good and is very very elementary on top of that. I don't have much room to criticize The Killers, but I know bad songs when I hear them and I've heard them and hope to not hear them again.

Having heard this poor effort, it makes me wonder if their other records were a fluke or if the guys in the band have come to a place where they simply don't care any more. You can decide for yourself, of course.


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