08 January 2009

Put a Bullet to the NRA

This is a great Op-Ed piece by Thomas Geoghegan. It brings to light some of the weirdness surrounding the Blagojevich scandal and how the the Governors of certain states are unconstitutionally appointing Senators to fill the seats for those who are stepping over to a position on super team Obama. Something that I was unaware of is that it is actually illegal for state Governors to appoint a new Senator and that the Senators are required to be elected by a state-wide popular vote.

Anyway, have a read and prepare to be mildly frustrated. The entire system is flawed and we turn a blind eye to it. So sad.

In other Washington news, it looks like the Senate - even the blue portion of the Senate - is already shooting down Obama tax proposals. Dem. Senator, Kent Conrad even went so far as to say that his proposal was "misdirected." Maybe the real change is coming later.


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