27 January 2009

I Try Not To Worry, But You've Got Me Terrified

The title of this post comes from Death Cab For Cutie lyrics heard on their latest effort, Narrow Stairs. The particular song is "Your New Twin Sized Bed." It's a great song.

What's not so great is the new reports that using the entirety of the $700 billion bailout cash could actually end up costing us $4 trillion. That's not so easy to swallow especially with the new administration and the Fed looking to create "aggregator banks" and other ideas to leverage the remaining bailout funds to deal with banks' illiquid assets.

It looks like the executive branch has its mind made up, though. No one seems to be listening to the voice of logic or the voice of the people who see this as continuing on a path of destruction. I guess we don't follow the example set by others. 'Tis ashame.


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