18 February 2009

Misery is a Butterfly

Unbelievable! Now, part of the "stimulus" package is to extend more financial aid to Fannie and Freddy and to absorb $200 billion in losses for each company. This is getting more insane by the day. How can anyone see this as a good idea? Let's just buy up a bunch of bad loans on homes that have more to owe on the house than it's total value. Awesome.

I get wanting to use some money to divvy out to states for roads and bridges. I get it, but this continued pride trail that Obama is blazing is utterly insane and simply wrong. There is nothing of any value to help hold our dollar up. We're holding onto trillions in debt and are surging Afghanistan in the same month we're dropping billions on worthless investments.

This part of the plan isn't stimulating one thing. Many have said that Obama will be judged by this plan and it's already shaping up to be a doozy.


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