06 April 2009

I hear a cry

Pay no attention to the awkwardness of the above image. It is, indeed, awkward, but it's also simply the promo poster for the French film "Shall We Kiss?" (the English title, of course). We saw the movie this weekend at a nice independent theater in the West Village of NYC (name droppin') and left the theater pleased that we saw it.

In the quirky vein of "Amelie," "Shall We Kiss" is back and forth take on the the story of two long-time friends who, in the midst of otherwise healthy relationships, decide to, well, kiss. Kissing turns to you know what and you know what turns to the things the Bible tells us we ought not do outside the bonds of marriage. And all of that "you know what" makes life a little complicated for the two main characters.

I won't try to offer too much plot or insight, but I will reiterate that it was well made, quirky, funny and easily enjoyable. I'm not sure if it will make around Nashville, but if you can search it on Netflix, I encourage you to.


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