02 April 2009

Turn your ears, you musicians, to silence

The g20. Truly a global theatre. A dance. A masquerade. A performance. Am I skeptical? Of course. And so should you be. The 20 wealthiest countries in the world coming together to bitch and moan about how bad the other countries are doing and whining about covering each others' debts.

The conclusion? A $1.1 trillion deal to help countries with troubled economies. $1.1 TRILLION. Or - for those keeping score - about one-third of our own national deficit. And, not only could the 20 richest nations only muster $1.1 trillion, but they've tripled their giving to the IMF for a total of $750 billion. And that's because the IMF will certainly give that money right into the socio-economic center of literally starving nations? No. That's not what they do. They provide watchdog financial and practice surveillance to countries not doing so well with the case. Well, that and they provide/fund research for how these countries can better run themselves.
Don't believe me? Check it out directly from the IMF site. The world's largest holder of gold needs $750 billion as much as I need a new Porche 911 Roadster.

Ok, sure...$1.1 trillion is a nice chunk of change, but can we as level-headed people sit back and be comfortable with the US giving $800 billion to Fannie, Freddie, AIG, etc... while Sudan, Niger, Sierra Leone literally starve? It has nothing to do with rescuing our economy and keeping us from depression.

Friends of mine, I encourage you to really do some research as to what our nation alongside these 20 others are really doing to better this world and how if immediately effects you. I urge you to seek the true details of what the US and other nations are actually doing. These are no theories, folks. These are things actually taking place and ruining what the US, as a true republic, was meant to stand for.

Check these sites:
BBC News
Campaign for Liberty (even if you're not a Ron Paul kind of person, *most* of the stuff on here still holds a lot of objective truth)
Free Press

My apologies for such a rant. I welcome a less-intense and more personal conversation with anyone interested in digging in a bit more.


At 8:09 PM, April 02, 2009 , Blogger krjoseph said...

Dammit, Patrick. It's always about the poor with you. Tell me, who's going to take care of the bankers? Who?


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