18 April 2009

Put me in

I saw a special on ESPN today that was talking about the rising cost of premier seats in MLB baseball stadiums, particularly the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field: home of The New York Mets.

I was shocked to see costs of tickets creep upward of 2,500 in Yankee stadium. And that's per-game. Sure, there's lots of great perks that come with those seats, but it's sad to see that happen in down economy.

One season ticket holder since 1973 with the Yankees chimed in since the cost of his season tickets doubled. It basically came down to the fact that he could get cheaper seats and cut a couple of tickets or simply fire two of his employees. It's no secret that he cut three tickets - which over the course of the year could have added up to over $100,000. Yikes.

Me...I'm ok with the outfield bleachers. Nothing a little sunblock and cold brewsky can't help to make more comfortable. Plus, you get to catch batting practice home run balls before the game. When you sit right behind home plate you have that cute little net to stop balls from hitting you. Cowards.

Well, all this to vent that it's ridiculous to have tickets cost that much. I'm sure there's still a paying market out there, but to gouge like that is not a part of what the true heart of baseball is all about.


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