27 June 2009

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

North Korea announced an army exceeding 150,000 troops ready to attack should the US decide to impose force on Kim Jong Il to release or destroy any hints of nukes.

It's not scary to me to think that North Korea is poised for war, but it freaks the life out of me to think that the US is still pressuring them to live up to the US or UN's standards.

And I get it. I do. But it's not our fight and I don't understand why we keep poking the rabid dog with a stick and we don't just let him lay there in the back yard undisturbed. Maybe it's our ever-present fear that that crazy little man could push the button if he was simply having a bad day. Hey, he's just crazy enough.

But we'll never be able to regulate and control every country or leader (err..dictator) that runs a country differently than we do. And every time we try it's an expensive disaster. I guess the job of the world police is never done.


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