19 June 2009

What Have You Become?

After watching Vicky Christina Barcelona I longed to be in Spain again. The colors; all of the tones that come with a burnt-colored earth and the sepia and blue skies, the Castilian Lisps, the architecture of Gaudi. All of these piece perfectly represent the Barcelona I once visited. It's gorgeous and engaging and has an allure unique to only that part of the world.

Alongside these beautiful vistas of land and sea, the movie's script - although engaging enough to keep you watching - left something to be desired. The story lacks depth, but is packed full of emotion (maybe this is typical for a Woody Allen film. I'm not sure).

The acting, however, is wonderful. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz portray their characters flawlessly. Cruz, in particular, was perfectly cast for the insane ex-wife of Bardem's Character.

The movie - aside from the visual aspect - will not blow you away, but it's enough to make you glad you watched it on a boring Tuesday night


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