25 May 2010

You Lost The Starlight In Your Eyes

Six years. That's the time many spent dedicated to a television show. A brilliant and mysterious and engaging show. And this past Sunday, May 23, that show came to a dramatic end.

Since 2004 LOST has progressed from a cult favorite to a global phenomenon. It has confused many, led hoards of people to the brink of unbearable frustration and drawn numerous people into a community that has never existed like the ones that LOST helped create. And the years of dedicated viewing (and re-viewing), message boarding, discussion groups, chats over coffee or beer and - for some - LOST-related dreams culminated with the series finale simply title, "The End."

A lot of people are still upset about unanswered questions and many are simply sad that one of their favorite shows is no more. But amidst the positive, negative and emotional reactions, one thing is certain: LOST has proven itself to stand out as arguably one of (if not the) best show in the history of television.

It's certainly sad to see it go, but it's reaffirming to know that the show didn't overstay its welcome. It ended the way that it was supposed to and provided the comfort and closure its audience needed. It was heartfelt and it was beautiful. And for that we say "thank you" for six great years of wonderful television entertainment.


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