24 August 2005

if you never open your eyes

So, the Major League Soccer decided that it would be great if they compiled a group of all-stars to face one of the most powerful teams in the world, Real Madrid. Basically, the squad from the MLS decided to wear their skirts to the game and play like girls, losing by an un-forgivable 5-0 score.

Frank Dell'Apa, in his feature on ESPN, concluded that it may have been better for the MLS to send its best squad rather than an all-star team. Sure, with the all-stars you have the best of the best in the league, but they're not a cohesive unit. They've never worked together as a true team, save a few pre-match practices. To have a team that's been together all season would have possibly been better, but I still think that the MLS has a long way to go. If the MLS wants to be recognized as a legitmate force in world soccer, they are going to have to make some major changes, starting with paying more for better players.

But the English Premier League is on its heels to commence and there is nothing more exciting that that. We'll see if Liverpool ends up with their former star Michael Owen. They've already secured Steven Gerrard, so we'll just have to wait and see if Owen can handle not being top priority on the team. And hopefully they will quit all their moaning since they've received the exception to be added to this years champion's league (which I still think is crap).


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