22 August 2005

when songbirds sing

I got to spend two glorious afternoons at Busch Stadium in St. Louis this weekend. The St. Louis Cardinals took two of three away from the San Fransisco Giants. The new Busch Stadium (pictured several posts back) is going to be simply beautiful. The red brick facade is so much better than the current stadium's grey concrete housing.

I also got to spend several hours at St. Louis' City Museum. This place is one of the most fun, interesting and amazing places I've ever been. The attention to detail, the ideas that went into it and the effort that went into making this place happen are simply mind-blowing. I highly encourage a visit to St. Louis just to visit this. You can touch everything and climb and crawl through caves, forests, castles, airplanes suspended 100 ft above the ground. My words won't get across the sheer magnitude of this place. Check out the website.

While everyone's excited about St. Louis, check out the Downtown St. Louis Partnership

St. Louis also has some pretty amazing Downtown Lofts


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