09 August 2005

This is how we do it

Last night the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 8-4. Thanks to excellent play by David Eckstein, Albert Pujols, and Abraham Nunez the Cards were able to come back after allowing the Brewer to tie early in the game. Tonight they dance again.

Congratulations to NASA on a successfull mission with the shuttle Discovery. The crew of the shuttle landed this morning without trouble and declared the mission a full success.

In reality TV news, Tommy Lee Goes To College is NBC's latest reality endeavor. Motley Crue dummer Tommy Lee has Enrolled for class at the University of Nebraska and allowed the cameras to record what happened. This is absolutely absurd. We throw strangers on islands for months, we lock strangers in houses for weeks and we give Ashton Kutcher a camera and a huge budget all for our entertainment. It is getting way out of control when we send a washed-up 80's metal drummer to college. Next we should get a major broadcasting company to sign Tiger Woods up for the NHL, or get Bill Gates to fire potential apprentices. Oh wait, that one's been done (and done again). What can they think of next?

This is something that blows my mind. A Texas man is attempting to visit every Starbucks on the planet. What is going on in your life when you decide that this is something you should do? Give me a break.


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