02 August 2005

The movies are always cheaper during the day

Thanks to my ever-sharing roomate William White, I now have some new music to enjoy listening to. Most of the records are older, but are still great to listen to.

Since By Man- An amazing hardcore band. They aren't typical breakdown hardcore. Their music is more thought out than that. I've really enjoyed what I've heard of the record

The Anniversary "Her Majesty" - An older Vagrant Records release, but still enjoyable.

These Arms Are Snakes - I had never heard these guys till their tour with Underoath, but like Since By Man, their music is very well thought out. These guys are amazing.

The St. Louis Cardinals lost a tough one to the Marlins last night. And in the middle of everything else going on in sports, another steriods issue arises. Let's hope this one does not prove to be true.


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