20 July 2005

In 17 minutes

In Major League Baseball news, the Baltimore Orioles are looking to complete a deal with the Florida Marlins. The trade would allow Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett to come to Baltimore where he would have a lot more run support than he currently does in Florida. If Baltimore gets Burnett their chances at No. 1 in the AL East are far greater. They are already creeping up the ladder and are in contention for No. 1.

In other news, the St. Louis Cardinals lost last night to the Milwaukee Brewers. Letting a one-run lead slip away late in the game, relief pitcher Julian Tavarez made this his game to lose (as he did last year in the NLCS and the World Series). It's frustrating, because he's an amazing reliever, yet somehow seems to blow leads at when it appears that the game is a locked victory for the Cards.

I won't go on complaining about it, but I will savor Monday's win over the Brewers. Matt Morris (as I predicted) came through for the team and it didn't hurt that every single batter on the team had a stunning performance.

And tonight they shall dance again.

***21N and PMH80...I haven't forgot about the CD


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