29 June 2005

You're excused....and I'm not your bra!

Apparently Howard Dean is saying that the voting in Ohio in the 2004 election was the main reason Bush is still in office. The National Review has a good article on the matter. Dean has said that he believes that there was no exact case of voter fraud, just voter suppression by the Republican party. He makes claims that the Republicans were responsible for the lack of African-American voters in Ohio. However according to the National Review "There were 84,000 more black voters in Ohio in 2004 than in 2000 — a 25-percent increase."

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. How about that for voter impropriety?

And also, Dean has been all over (most notably on The Daily Show with John Stewart) stating time and time again the Democrats are going to balance the budget. I swear he said it at least eight or nine times in that 10 minute interview, but gave no examples of how they might do that. Are they going to raise taxes, cut government funded programs, or just pick 100 dollar bills from the money trees that sit on the backside of capitol hill?

That is as bad as a presidential candidate simply stating that they are going to be a good president. I need some concrete examples of how you plan on doing that. What things are going to be done and how long will it take to do it?? I need to know how the Dems plan on doing this and no one is telling me. Neither Howard Dean's website or Democracy for America is mentioning anything about it.

In an un-related sports note, the race is on for starting position for 1st base on the National League All-Star team. Who will it be...Albert Pujols of Derek Lee??


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