27 June 2005

Trusty Chords

Well Tom Cruise has officially lost it in my opinion. What is "it" you ask?? His freaking head. He's gone nuts. From his interview with Matt Lauer on the topic of scientology to his Oprah and Jay Leno appearances to his complete lack of humor when he got water squirted on him by a fake microphone as part of a British gag show.

I'm not sure if he's finally snapped because of all the pressures of being on the Hollywood IT list or if all this scientology brain washing is making him a wacko. But I do know that he's definately not the same Tom Cruise from a couple of years ago.

In science news, NASA will be aiding in blowing up a comet this 4th of July. That's right people...NASA is going Hollywood and blowing up a comet. What's so great about this is they've un-officially tagged it "Operation Deep Impact"

This comet is not even close to hitting earth or any other planet for that matter. This is just one big experiment and I think it's awesome. I'm sure the scientific benifits of this will be groundbreaking and could prove useful one day, but for now, get out your telescopes and get ready to watch a show unlike any fireworks show you've ever seen.


At 11:29 AM, June 27, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise = total toolbag

I wonder if they got the idea to explode the comet from the movie, "Deep Impact" or America's reaction to the film?


At 2:17 PM, June 27, 2005 , Blogger Patrick Copeland said...

Yes Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes = retarded.

And I think they gave the mission the Deep Impact name as just an un-official way to be pure silly


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