10 June 2005

Disturbing Information

Natalee Holloway has become a No. 1 priority search for Aruba, according to fox news. This is good news.

The bad news lies in the potential that Holloway may have been sold into (prostitution) slavery in another country. Had I heard this one month ago, it would have sounded outlandish and improbable. However, after reading some reasearch on human trafficking I've started to feel a since of worry.

Statistics gathered by British journalist Jessica Williams claim that some 120,000 women and girls are trafficked intoWestern Europe every year. The International Organisation of Migration (IOM) reported that many of these women come from Eastern Europe [Moldova, Romania, and the Ukraine], but also from other parts of the world. Many are falsly led into employment to help support their families and are sent away into slave sex labor, but others are kidnapped and forced into the same situation. This is a trade that is estimated at some $7 billion a year.

Crazy stuff.


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