10 May 2005

I choose business ethics

I have never really been into Connor Oberst's music. I think he is a brilliant songwriter, however his voice and general person annoy me to no end. His voice is the main thing that distracts me from enjoying his music. However, the two new Bright Eyes records are great. They are the first of his records that I have enjoyed from the start. "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" and "A Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" are both well written (as is all of his material), but for some reason I am not distracted by any of his previous annoyances. His additions of vocals from Emmylou Harris, Maria Tayor and the lead singer of My Morning Jacket are all tastefull and pleasing.

I could do without a lot of his anti-war rhetoric. Connor...we know. You hate Bush and you don't agree with the war. That's fine, just quit littering good music with cheesy sentiments.

On another Saddle Creek Records note, Maria Taylor of Azure Ray will be releasing a solo record. I look forward to this, because I have enjoyed most (if not all) of Azure Ray's music.

Onward into the world of sports. Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns hoisted the trophy for the MVP award last night before their game against the Dallas Mavericks. I have said for the last three or four seasons, that Nash is the best player in the NBA. He averages nearly 14 points per game and over 10 assists. He is great. One of the few pure players left in the league. Since John Stockton's retirement, Nash has been a player of grace. He has led two different teams to NBA playoffs. I need not go on.

In other news, I will be going to see Kingdom of Heaven tonight. Hopefully it will be as amazing as I am hoping it to be.


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