06 May 2005

Go Ninja

Japan is apparently stepping up to the plate and getting involved in the the North Korea nuclear weapons issue. This is a good thing. No one else seems to be doing anything about it. The US is in a sticky situation, because N. Korea has threatened to US not to get involved. So, Japan is being awesome and getting the UN involved. Good for them.

On a random note: In San Fransisco this week at an Adult Entertainment Expo, whore classes were given. Yes, that's correct....whore classes. People interested in this, still illegal, occupation were taught how to market themselves, relieve stress and earn more money for your time. This completely dissapoints me. I could rant here, but I shall refrain.

It is Friday, the day after 05-05-05. I remember when it was 9/9/99. That was pretty cool.


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