17 May 2005

No it's a cardigan...

Malcolm Glazer, owner of the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has gained control of more than 75 percent of Manchester United.

There are many concerns here. First and foremost an NFL owner is digging his rich little hands into the tradition-rich pot of the English Premiership. There is a great fear that he will gain over 90 percent of the club in just a short time, which would force any other share holders to sell him the remaining 10 percent.

Here's the tricky part. All of this Glazer's debt will now rest on the Manchester United franchise. He may even take United off the stock market, making completely private. Now, since he will have debt resting in the team, it is assumed that he will be letting go of priority players to save money and potentially selling Old Trafford, which is where United has been playing since 1910.

Now, I'm not a United fan at all. I kind of despise the team with the exception of Sir Ferguson and Tim Howard. I do, however, stand on the side of all United supporters and realize that Glazer could be be the king that brought down the castle and ruin this amazing tradition of a team. I stand behind United supports who will be wearing black shirts and waving black flags at the next United match. For this is a dark time for a great tradition.

Hopefully Glazer won't prove to be as harmful as many have thought.

Now a thought on the U.S. currency: It's weak. WEAK. I bought British notes for my trip to Belfast today and it cost me $280.30 USD for 145 GBP. I'm flustered


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