15 July 2005

Last one out of liberty city, burn it to the ground

This is a funny little article I found on The Onion.

Apparently nearly 800,000 Americans are finally rasing a voice. A voice that is so upset over the years of discrimiation they've faced at the hands of America's stores and restaurants. That's right they are saying that they want to be able to come into any establishment and have the freedom to be shirtless and/or shoeless. They were chanting "No shirt, No shoes, No Justice." Well spoken my friends.

I for one am horrified that anyone in America could be so discriminatory against such quality citizens. These classy people deserve the right do wear what they like or not wear what they like in any place they like. I would love to go to Outback Steakhouse or P.F. Changs and sit next to the table with the guy with a hairy back and no shirt or the lady with athlete's foot and no shoes. I would just love that. So come on America...let's get on those phones to Washington and set our tortured people free.
**The above paragraph is not serious, just in case any were wondering.

It's worth looking at the article simply to see one of the most amazing farmer's tans you will ever behold.



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