02 August 2005

I've got a bone to pick. And a few to break.

I'm hoping that President Bush will sign the newly proposed energy bill. Among the provisions in the bill are tax breaks for people who purchase and drive hybrid cars. I think this is great. People who purchase Hybrid cars starting in Jan. 2006 are eligable for a tax credit rather than the current tax deduction. I think this is a good situation for everyone involved.

On the other side of the world, there are 11 charities in the United Kingdom joining together to help the situation in Niger. Currently there is a massive drought in the country which is causing a major lack of food and water resources. The Disasters Emergancy Committee, who raised £300 million in the wake of the Asian tsunami disaster is stepping up and attempting to raise £10 million for relief. One Nigerian hospital, with a capacity of some 280 beds, technically serves almost two million people. Aside from malnutrition, the most common admissions are for malaria and respiratory disease. Others who are suffering are reported as being afraid to be admitted for care, because they feel that the should stay on their farms and nurse their struggling crops to life.

This is a tough situation and I feel that efforts being made worldwide by bands, celebrities, politicians and national heads of state are great, but not good enough. Live 8 was a great event for awareness, but I don't feel that it has produced much as far as general support. £10 million is not too much to ask it seems. If 10 of the worlds wealthiest countries could offer £1 million (see: $2 million), the relief would be unbelievable.

Just some thoughts.


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