10 August 2005

It's a walkoff

I've spent some time today digging through the Liberals Like Christ website. There is alot there and most is pretty interesting and some is pretty out there. I don't quite know how all this is going to be digested, but if you have a few minutes it's worth checking out.

Now this should go without saying, but please understand that I do not hold to all of the ideas that are on this site. I am a Christian and I'm fairly in the middle as far as the left and the right goes. But I do think there are some interesting points on the site worth checking out.

If you want to read some crap that is way left the check out Liberal Oasis. I think that most of the stuff found here is utter crap. It's the kind of place that doesn't even allow the chance that any good can come from the right.

In CNN news, the cable news network has deemed it ok to air a controversial commercial produced by a pro-abortion group that falsely accuses Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers supporting a convicted clinic bomber!
Story Here

In related news, a new book has been published and shipped to bookstores titled Life's Been A Blast It is a detailed description of the life of Emily Lyons, one of the surviving victims of the abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. The title (if not out of line) is a bit corney. And the picture on the front is a bit much.


At 11:58 AM, August 10, 2005 , Blogger Phillip said...

youre not kidding. that picture is a bit much.


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