16 September 2006

No Passengers

I know that the posts are few and far between these days, but I just don't have the luxury of internet at home anymore. But it's funny to see how much more productive life is without cable or internet at home.

Some News:

Iran and Iraq have a vague appearance of being buddies these days. We'll see how all this translates when Iran needs something from the or wants to puppet them for shady business.

The pope made some awesome (and in my personal opinion very true) comments regarding Muslims and muslim terrorists in a speech in Germany this week. The mussies now have their panties all in a wad because I guess they don't see themselves as senseless killers. Well I guess we can just let statistics do the talking on this one.

Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son died this week from apparent heart failure (see: drug overdose). Now I know results are inconclusive, but aren't drug ODs usually the cause of these things. Maybe I'm just being judemental, which is pretty normal for me.

Some Movies:

V For Vendetta was amazing! I received a DVD of it for my birthday and had the chance to watch it and was totally blown away. The imagery, the dialogue, and the overall story was brilliant. I highly suggest this one.

Little Miss Sunshine - Perfectly cast, wonderfully acted and hilarious. Everything about this movie is pretty dead on. From the music to the random scenery, this was a movie that kept me locked in,

Some Music:

Norma Jean - Redeemer:
People are accusing them of writing a "nu-metal" record, bu honestly I think this record is what every nu-metal band wishes they could write. The production (courtesy of Ross Robinson) is flawless and every song is ridiculously heavy. The drums (as always with Norma Jean) are perfect and the guitar tones are something that many bands have tried to and never achieved. Also, personally, I love Corey's vocals. Many people I've talked with seem to like Josh Scoggin's vocals better, but I think Corey provides something vocally that Josh lacked. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm pretty certain of it.

Starflyer 59 - My Island:
100% classic Starflyer. It's just great

Cursive - Happy Hallow
Personally I'm having a hard time saying that this isn't Cursive's best record to date. Domestica and The Ugly Organ are so amazing, but There is so much on this record that is just done so well. And the horn section really does add something unique that no one else has really figured out yet.

Some Concerts:
Sujan Stevens @ The Ryman. Easily one of the top 5 concerts I've ever been to. With an 8-piece orchestra accompanying him (5 violins, 1 cello, 2 horns) he performed a flawless set only to encore with two accoustic guitars his background vocalist and no amplification. It was humbling, honest and amazing.


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