10 July 2006

If it ended tonight

Underoath has sold 130,000 (plus) records in two weeks. This is crazy for a Christian hardcore band to do this. They were number 2 on billboard right behind Nelly Furtado. They knocked Busta Rhymes and Dixie Chicks out of their spots. Crazy!

MeWithoutYou is going to be releasing a new record this fall that is going to be amazingly great.

I'm not into Panic! At The Disco. But I have been enjoying the new Stills record and the new Keane as well.

I'm sad that the World Cup is over. It was great to have constant access to great soccer. I may have to get digital cable just so I can watch the premiership this year.


At 8:30 PM, July 11, 2006 , Blogger Phillip said...

Good stuff. Speaking of good stuff. I want an Everett CD. Its not like you have been promising me for over a year or nothing. Anyway, miss you friend. See ya.


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