25 December 2006

House of Flames

So it is Christmas of 2006. I have not updated in sometime. Mostly because I feel like a lot of things I like to rant about are in a deep lull right now (music, movies, current events and sports).

This year has been great in sports for me with the St Louis Cardinals winning the World Series. What a great thing that was to see happen in their new ballpark.

As movies go, "Little Miss Sunshine" was my personal favorite of 2006. I give a major nod to "For Your Consideration" despite many of the reviews I heard.

I music I will list what I think are objectively the best records of the year and then a few personal loves I've found:

Gnarls Barkley "St. Elsewhere"
Mewithoutyou "Brother/Sister"
The Decemberists "The Crane Wife"
Brazilian Girls "Talk to La Bomb"
Mastodon "Blood Mountain"
Underoath "Define the Great Line .....Seriously
Phoenix "Alphabetical"

Some personal favs:
Under the Influence of Giants "S/T"
The Knife "Silent Shout"
Shiny Toy Guns "We are Pilots"
Starflyer 59 "My Island"
Thom Yorke "The Eraser"
The Album Leaf "Into the Blue Again"
Cursive "Happy Hollow"
Emily Haines "Knives Dont Have Your Back"
Keane "Under the Iron Sea"
**Please note that my personal favorites are great records in themselves, just not among what I would consider the best of the year. However, I have enjoyed each of these records tremendously this year. I've also been listening to a lot of electronic music lately. I'm not sure where that came from

In the news there has been so much of the same this year. I would like to see less about war in the news in 07 and more features on what good things people of the world are doing. I know this is mentioned a lot, but I truly feel that a continuous strain of news focused on darker things has a widespread effect on society.

I'm sure that 07 will heat up in the news with issues surrounding the Dems. Clinton (the she version of the Clinton duo) for Pres in 08?? We'll just have to wait and see. I still have a gut wrenching feeling about that possibility.

TV should be ok for me with Lost returning in Feb. and NBC's sleeper hit "Heroes" (which is a genius show).

I would like to see Arsenal step up and get some more points in the EPL. I would like to see the University of Alabama hire an aggressive and bold head football coach. I would like to see the Cards repeat in the MLB. I could stand for less of the Tennessee Titans. They are not a good team.

Happy New Year to anyone who dares to even check this page


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