22 May 2007

The Light Hits My Eyes

There no reason you should not be listening to Chromeo right this very second.

In world news, it's pretty tough looking at the situation in Lebanon, Iraq, North Korea and China. Israel and Palestine are dealing with some major deep rooted issues. We should all take the time each week to read up on some of the major international conflicts and issues. You think it has nothing to do with you in your safe home and the safe United States? Your Wrong! It has everything to do with you and where you are and what you do. It affects decisions our politicians are making on a community, regional, national and international level. It affects our taxes, our gas prices, our minimum wage and our employment rate. It affects or trial and appeal process. It affects our constitution.

So, go have a read. Try The BBC or World News

It gets to be kind of fun.

So...if learning about all that's going on in the world gets too heavy, head on over to listen to Chromeo. The link is above and is worth a listen.


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